This November, PlayStation 4 users can return to the puzzle-platforming genre in LittleBigPlanet 3. But in this new entry, Sackboy won’t be going it alone. He has three new partners you yourself can play as or your friends can take control of in co-op. Oddsock is a dog-like character than can run up walls and walljump. Toggle is a big, heavyset guy with the strength to move things or weigh them down and the ability to shrink in order to fit into small areas. Swoop, a bird, can not only fly around, but can pick up the other characters to help them past tricky areas.

The partners aren’t the only thing new in this entry. Sackboy has some new power-ups he can use, including a handheld device that blows out air with enough force to move things; in the demo shown, he uses to hold back a spiked wall hanging on a hinge. Sackboy can also climb netting to get around. The game also has a decent amount of moving between the foreground and background as you move through levels.

Source: Sony Conference

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