(Update: Mass Effect 4 will take the player into a completely new galaxy other than the Milky Way. They are completely redesigning every character and every element of the series. This is being worked on by BioWare Montreal. The BioWare Edmonton team is working on an unnamed IP. Check out the teaser trailer above.)

During the EA press conference at E3 2014, BioWare, a division of EA, came out to talk about some of the new games they have coming out soon. Dragon Age: Inquisition was discussed, and more information on that game can be found here. Also discussed was the exciting news of a new Mass Effect game.

BioWare’s Montreal Studio has been hard at work on Mass Effect 4 for a few years now, and was able to show off some conceptual prototypes for the upcoming release. The trailer also included interviews from BioWare team members talking about how excited they were for the project, and how they’ve been considering fan-input in order to make the game as satisfactory as possible.

Also announced was a new IP from BioWare. We weren’t given a name, date, nor any details. We were simply teased with some conceptual prototypes.

As we get more details, we’ll keep you updated.

Sources: Electronic Arts E3 Press Conference and GameSpot

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