In 2007, EA released a more kid-friendly Sims game, MySims, on the Wii and Nintendo DS. After its success, the developer released several more games including MySims Kingdom, MySims Agents, and MySims Racing. However, EA decided they wanted to take the Sims series in a different direction, and MySims was no longer on the agenda. Due to this change in direction, the company ended up cancelling a MySims game for 3DS that was in development back in 2010.

The game was called MySims Friends, and it featured StreetPass and other Nintendo connectivity options to make it an online-only game. Like the other MySims games, you were able to creature and customize the environment using different themes and styles like goth, sporty, futuristic, cute, tasty, nature, and fancy.

Check out some images from the cancelled game below, and let us know what you think in the comments!

Source: MySims Wiki (via Nintendo Everything)

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