Nintendo will be launching a new console called Nintendo Switch in March, and they’ll be looking to attract more third-party support this time around. Nintendo has already released a list of companies supporting Switch, but very few games have officially been revealed for the console thus far. One of the companies that has pledged support for Nintendo Switch is publishing giant Electronic Arts, but what are they bringing to the table?

Speaking at the UBS Global Technology Conference, Electronic Arts Chief Financial Officer Blake Jorgensen shed some light on the situation. While he wouldn’t list a specific title, he assured the audience that whatever it is, it’s big.

“In terms of Nintendo, in their announcement they announced that we’ll be supporting with a game or two on that new platform. We haven’t yet announced what game, but you should assume that it’s one of our bigger games we’ve been involved with.”
— Blake Jorgensen

I’d like to see a game like
Mass Effect: Andromeda come to Nintendo Switch, but the game’s producer says there are no plans for that. What big game would you like to see EA bring to Nintendo’s next console?

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