Electronic Arts just held their quarterly financial conference call, and during that meeting Chief Executive Officer Andrew Wilson stated they are “overjoyed” with Star Wars Battlefront‘s performance. He also said that they plan on continuing to add content that aligns with what’s “happening with Star Wars pop culture.” This follows last month’s launch of Star Wars Battlefront‘s offline mode, which offers play against bots and co-op split screen play.

Here’s the full quote:

“We’re overjoyed with the performance of Star Wars: Battlefront, we’re overjoyed with the 6.6 million players that played the game through Q1. We continue to support that as each movie comes out over the term of our relationship.

“We expect that the Star Wars community will continue to grow, and we will doing our best to align in some case the content and experiences, and in some cases just the passion for Star Wars, but certainly aligning what we’re doing with our Star Wars universe with what is more broadly happening with Star Wars pop culture.” — Andrew Wilson

Chief Financial Officer Blake Jorgensen also made a statement at the conference about the company’s Battlefield 1 performance predictions. He explained that they usually sell fifteen million copies in a year, but he hopes that excitement for the game will grow and sales will surpass this.

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Source: DualShockers (1,2)

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