Announced earlier this month, Need for Speed: Payback is a new installment of the massive racing franchise that centers more on the action and energy that made the series famous, but with more theatrical flair than previous games. This year’s EA Play conference at E3 2017 has shown off a new gameplay trailer for the game, featuring a mission from the upcoming game that has the player chasing down a truck and dealing a lot of damage.

Reminiscent of the
Fast and Furious film franchises, the trailer delved into some action-packed cinematics and showed off some gorgeous gameplay footage of the player hunting down “The House,” a cartel organization. Also showcased was a new type of vehicle customization, known as The Relics, which allows players to customize their vehicles and beef up their cars from scrap found along the game map.

Take a look at the trailer above, and check back at Gamnesia for more E3 coverage!

Source: EA Play 2017

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