Gregg Mayles, one of the original developers behind Donkey Kong Country, has been going on a Twitter campaign sharing unseen original concept art from the first game under #DKCrevealed. They’re all drawn in the style of the original arcade games, rather than the style used for the final version.

We’ve gotten a great look at some early designs for the Kong family, as well as King K. Rool, and some scrapped designs for other villains and animal buddies. You can look at the images in the gallery below!

Most of the designs you can see here are of the early Kong family, back during the first sketching and storyboarding stages of development. This was before the name
Donkey Kong Country, back when the project was entitled “Donkey Kong and the Golden Bananas.” Diddy and Cranky were simply called “Grandpa” and “Junior”. You can also see one of the original art books made for the game, with the old title “Donkey Kong and the Golden Bananas.” Surprisingly, the gold print is still shining after more than twenty years.

The rest of the sketches are of villains and supporting characters. The blue monsters are original designs for Kremlings, pre-dating King K. Rool. The black-and-white villain is Krudd, one of the early designs for main villains in the game, who later became King K. Rool. Finally, there are some drawings of the original animal buddies. Clearly, almost all of them went unused, with the exception of Rambi the Rhinoceros and Enguarde the Swordfish.

Personally, I love the early designs of the Kremlings, especially Krudd; it would have been amazing to see those in the actual game. What do you think? Do you like the early designs for these characters? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Twitter (via GoNintendo)

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