The Last of Us: Part II was officially revealed earlier today at the end of the PlayStation Experience Showcase and has received mostly positive reactions so far (according to YouTube, anyway). Naturally, creative director Neil Druckmann has a few select things to say about the game now that its production is no longer a rumor. Mainly, players will not be playing as Joel this time around. Instead, they will take on the role of Ellie.

Now 19 years old, Ellie’s part of the story will have an entirely different theme than the original according to Druckmann. Whereas the first game is about the budding relationship between Ellie and Joel and the power of love, Part II will be about Ellie’s “hate.” Other than that, Druckmann did not reveal anymore information or themes related to the survival horror game.

Players of the original game will know that this is not the first time Ellie has been at the helm. In fact, the first game’s only real boss fight was fought playing as Ellie, as were a few other story-related moments including the game’s only DLC mission, Left Behind. Considering this, it will be interesting to see how Joel falls into the gameplay when the game eventually comes out.

Are you excited for The Last of Us: Part II? How do you feel about Ellie being the playable protagonist? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: DualShockers

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