I’m not really sure what’s happening here, but let’s roll with it. This morning (or early afternoon, depending on your time zone) the official Twitter account for Sonic the Hedgehog tweeted a simple “good morning” to tech giant Elon Musk. The SEGA-run account is known for its amusing antics, so this move was random, but not all that surprising.

What is surprising is that Elon took the time to respond, and in rather hilarious fashion. Musk tweeted back at the official account with an old article from satire website The Onion headlined “New MIT Study Suggests Sonic The Hedgehog Might Be Living in Computer Simulation.” If you’ve paid attention to Musk over the years, you know that he believes it’s statistically probable that our universe is an intricate simulation much like a video game, so it’s a fitting jab at Sonic.

Why SEGA’s sudden interest in Musk? No idea! That said, Musk’s love of video games is well-known. He’s a big fan of Overwatch, and last year he expressed a desire to see better storytelling in games.

Update: Sonic has responded to Musk’s simulation claims with the phrase “doesn’t look like anything to me.” For those unfamiliar with Westworld, this a phrase used by the artificially intelligent “hosts” whenever they see something outside of the knowledge allowed by their programming. 

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