Most of us probably know Tim Sweeney as one of the faces behind Unreal Tournament (and the eponymous Unreal Engine) and the co-founder of Epic Games. Sweeney also happens to be quite the conservationist, however, having purchased 40,000 acres of ecologically-important land across his home state of North Carolina over the past few years in order to either donate or protect it. Sweeney recently purchased a 7000-acre plot known as Box Creek Wilderness for a whopping $15 million in order to donate the easement and permanently protect the land.

The conservation easement (a legal agreement guaranteeing that no development will take place on the land) was donated to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. According to Jeff Fisher, CEO of Unique Places LLC, who brokered the purchase, it may actually be the largest conservation easement ever donated in the state of North Carolina by a single person. Due to Box Creek Wilderness’ unique location at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains, over 130 rare and endangered species will now be permanently protected thanks to Sweeney’s contribution.

Knowing that Epic Games is no stranger to making boatloads of money, it is incredibly uplifting to see that Sweeney is giving back in more ways than just developing impressive looking game engines. Good on you, Mr. Sweeney.

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Source: Citizen Times

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