Millions of gamers around the world have fond memories of childhood days when Toys “R” Us was the place to be if you wanted to pick up a hot new game or try out a demo. Unfortunately for kids in the UK, those days will soon be gone forever. The once-popular toy retailer has been in serious decline for quite some time, and today they announced plans to close up shop in the UK.

Toys “R” Us appointed administrators to run the company in the UK last month while they began the process of searching for a buyer. Since then, they’ve closed down 25 UK locations, but they have been unsuccessful in securing a buyer during this time. As such, the company has begun the process of closing the remaining 75 UK locations. This process is expected to take around six weeks, and will result in approximately 3,000 people losing their jobs. For the last few weeks that stores remain open in the UK, shoppers can continue to take advantage of 30% discounts on outdoor toys and bicycles, among other toy discounts.

The closure of all UK Toys “R” Us locations in 2018 follows the company’s declaration of bankruptcy in the United States last September. As the company’s financial situation worsens, investors are expecting that the remaining US locations will begin closing down later this year as well. It’s a sad end for a company that was once a source of joy for so many.

Source: CNN

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