“I’ve not worked on any Wii U version of anything (luckily). But, y’know, I very early on raised my major concern about this. Anybody buying any Wii U game that’s a port is probably buying it almost exclusively and specifically for how it can play differently through the Wii U’s alleged innovated UI. I’m already a known skeptic on whether the interface paradigm is at all anything but idiotic. But if you’re gonna do it? Fine. Then, you HAVE to do it right. You HAVE to innovate on the UI. You HAVE to enhance game mechanics and gameplay in a MATERIAL way that justifies all the hassle and a $400 Xbox 360 seven years late.”

These words were uttered by the senior UI designer of Darksiders 2, Xander Davis. Of course, Vigil, the developer of the title, is no more, as THQ closed up shop earlier this year. Xander Davis has found new work since the financial meltdown. He is now developing a smaller title called CIDER. The twist? The game is coming to the Nintendo eShop.

Davis voiced how Nintendo changed his mind.

“The same day fans told me they wanted CIDER for Wii-U, Nintendo proactively reached out and provided me with an overview of their basic set-up with indie devs (details of which I have to keep confidential). So after I read them and thought they looked great (something I can say), I went straight out to buy a Wii-U to evaluate its console experience.

“I can’t go into details, but from what I’ve read of the initial Wii-U Developer overview, Nintendo has set the bar for their support and terms to make indie development very attractive. This is a win for indie devs and it’s a win for gamers. The console is about to get a lot of great content.”

This is just one excerpt from the man’s lengthy Tumblr post. It’s quite the read. I highly recommend checking it out.

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