Summer Games Done Quick 2016 wrapped up this past Sunday, much to my disappointment. For a solid week, I spent every spare moment I had glued to my TV, watching in awe as game after game was beaten into submission in near-record time. It didn’t matter what was being played—no, it was the thrill of the quest that kept me entertained. While I’m still fairly new to the speedrunning community, the Games Done Quick organization has definitely made a long-time fan out of me.

Speedrunning is a general term used to describe the practice of playing a game from start to finish with the intent to beat the game as fast as possible. Often, these runs include the use of glitches and exploits to achieve a task faster than normal, though this isn’t always the case. For any given game, there are a number of different categories that set forth the rules for what can and can’t be done. Some runs require 100% completion. Some prohibit the use of glitches. Couple these restrictions with the number of games out in the world and you wind up with a large palette of possibilities. This in turn means that there’s something for everyone. If you go out and look for it, there’s bound to be something you’d like. I, myself, wasn’t really a fan until earlier this year, but now I spend my free time watching whatever runs I can find.

Speedrunning is just one of the ways gamers have developed to give themselves a challenge long after a game loses its initial interest. They’re entertaining, informative, and all around, just a nice way to kill a little time if you have a bit to spare.

Are you a fan of speedrunning? If so, what drew you to watch them (or if you participate, what drew you to attempt running)? If you aren’t, why not? If you haven’t seen a speedrun yet, go find one to watch and let us know what you think. We’ll still be here when you get back.

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