Everybody has at least one game in their collection that they keep coming back to time and time again. Whether due to a strong story, solid gameplay, or an undying sense of nostalgia, we explore the world presented to us within countless times, drawing us away from the many other titles on our backlogs. It may be your favorite game of all time, but do you love that game enough to play it, and only it, until your death?

There have been only a handful of games that I would even consider doing this with. Pokémon Gold, Persona 4 Golden, and Final Fantasy X all come close to clinching the spot for me, but one game truly stands out above the rest to me. Boasting a universe in which there are “No gods or kings. Only man,” BioShock immediately captured my heart when I first played it in early 2008. I was enthralled by the world of Rapture and the story of its rise and fall from the get go. I’ll never forget the fear I felt when encountering my first Big Daddy, nor will I forget the strength I felt when killing it. Sure, the gameplay isn’t the greatest, and the boss fights aren’t much of a fight at all, but in the grand scheme of things, BioShock still holds as one of my favorite game universes and as one of my favorite games of all time.

It’s by no means an easy question to answer, but if you could only play a single game the rest of your life, which title would you choose and why?

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Steven Rollins
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