Crowdfunding is nothing new to people in the gaming community. The idea that the people that want games can help fund them is very appealing to many gamers, as they get to help in the production of any game that they are interested in. Likewise, companies should be obligated to provide on their promises for the game’s content and on stretch goals. At first, there weren’t any major issues in those communities, and games like Shovel Knight came around as living proof that games that are crowdfunded can live up to the expectations. Unfortunately, there have recently been some Kickstarter and Early Access games that have not quite met the expectations of those funding them.

One of the most notorious failures from Kickstarter was a game called
The Stomping Land. It held an interesting concept, where you start in a world always inhabited by other players and try to survive in the basic scrounge-for-supplies-before-you-die-from-hunger style of gameplay. Oh, and there are dinosaurs trying to kill you wherever you turn as well. The game was fairly fun, obviously a little buggy, but had a lot of potential for greatness. Unfortunately after it released on Steam Early Access, developer Alex “Jig” Fundora went silent. No updates were put out since then, now over a year of silence, essentially leaving this game for dead.

Another big failure from Kickstarter was the
Yogventures game. Created by popular YouTube group the Yogscast, Yogventures put together around half a million dollars and was abruptly cancelled before anything could even be released. The Yogscast members put together a development group called Winterkewl to develop the game, but founder Kris Vale shut down the company, stating that he lost much of his own money in it, and it had even cost him his marriage. Definitely a tragic tale for everyone involved.

On the flip side, games like
Yooka-Laylee have been very successful on Kickstarter. A spiritual successor to cult-classic Banjo-Kazooie, Yooka-Laylee is being made by ex-Rare developers in a brand new company under the name of Playtonic Games. They received their initial goal almost immediately, and kept adding stretch goals to keep the hype as high as possible. Of course the game has not released yet, so the verdict could still be out on the quality on this game. However, with the amount of talent behind it, I personally doubt there will be any way for it to disappoint.

What do you guys think? Have Kickstarter and Early Access been to your liking? Or have you been slighted by games like
The Stomping Land before? Discuss below!

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