On the 4th of July, Splatoon finally had its first North American Splatfest, Cats vs. Dogs. The next morning we got to see the results, and to my admitted surprise, my dogs just barely snagged an overall victory! But when all was said and done, was Splatfest’s final scoring system, which took into account more than a simple majority of victories, justified?

The first category Callie and Marie revealed during the results show was popularity. I was shocked to learn that Team Dog had actually dethroned the Internet’s favorite pet by nearly two thirds, winning that category over Team Cat at 62–38 percent. However, this made the next category of results, which was percentage of wins, especially impressive. Despite dramatically lower numbers, the cats narrowly clinched a majority here with 51 percent. For the final score, each team’s win percentage was doubled, then added to their popularity percentage. In the end, Team Dog’s massive popularity advantage was just enough to land them a 160–140 victory.

As thrilled as I was to see my team win the first Splatfest, I have mixed feelings on the way things were scored overall. While many players I saw in Inkopolis the next day were good sports in their posts, I also saw a few Team Cat people who were understandably upset (if not sometimes overdramatic) that they lost because of popularity of all reasons. I can somewhat appreciate that it didn’t simply come down to a simple majority of wins to keep things interesting, but I wonder if they could’ve gone with something better than popularity, such as the ranking system used for rewards (Cat Fanboy/Fangirl, Dog King/Queen, etc.). Regardless, I enjoyed the overall presentation and competition and am excited to see more Splatfests on the way!

Would you prefer to see a different system next time, or was it fair to you? Or does this go into “who cares, it’s just a game” territory for you? As long as we’re on the topic, is there anything else you enjoyed or would prefer to see changed for future Splatfests? Leave your thoughts below!

Our Verdict

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