The supply of many Amiibo figures has been so unpredictable and aggravating since the product’s launch back in November, it comes as no surprise that Amiibo have repeatedly been the topic of a Daily Delib here at Gamnesia. With cancelled pre-orders, retailer exclusives, and even a few bundle-exclusive figures, the situation has simply been unacceptable, whether you’re looking to collect them all or just want to use the in-game abilities of a few. For this Delib, however, I thought it would be interesting to discuss a fairly common retailer tendency we have yet to tackle: restricting customers from buying duplicates of an Amiibo in one purchase.

To bring up a recent example, Amazon staggered the release times of the latest Amiibo wave on September 11th, and it prevented customers from buying more than one of each. I went to my local Toys “R” Us that day, and among the sea of Bowser Jr. figures sat a sign to notify customers of the same rule. On one hand, I applaud the idea of regulating sales to avoid both massive shortages and scalping; nobody wants another Rosalina-esque scarcity on their hands, after all. Having said that, perhaps one-of-each-per-person is an overcorrection; such strict limits can create a frustrating situation if someone wants to grab some additional figures for friends. Not everyone lives near a GameStop or Toys “R” Us (who did without pre-orders altogether for its most recent exclusive), and others might not be available for the mad dash when Amazon opens up orders.

Given all this, is one-per-person okay, or should retailers look for a happy medium? Is the Amiibo situation doomed to be an eternal headache? Have at it in the comments below!

Our Verdict

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