Over the past few days, Hello Games has broken their silence concerning the controversial debacle that is No Man’s Sky. While perhaps no one got an apology, or whatever it is would-be fans wanted from front man Sean Murray, what we did get is a step in the right direction that should help tide players over as the game seemingly begins to come to fruition with future updates.

Much like No Man’s Sky, other games have had poor launches that led developers to work tirelessly in an attempt to give players exactly what they wanted through updates. These major updates can completely change someone’s negative view into a positive one. So, is there a game you think deserve a complete overhaul?

Off the top of my head, I can think of two games that received post-launch updates that completely redefined the game. The more obvious of the two is The Witcher 3. At launch, The Witcher 3 had a fantastic story and a fully-realized world that did unfortunately get bogged down by clunky menus and annoying bugs. Today, the game is an absolute dream to play. There are few, if any, bugs, and many features and fixes have been implemented to alleviate the overall clunky-feeling of the vanilla game. While many other updates have been introduced to the game over the past year, by purely looking at just the technical updates, CD Projekt Red has turned an amazing game into what may very well be a perfect one.

The more controversial of my two choices is Assassin’s Creed Unity. There is no hiding that Unity saw an absolutely abysmal launch, most notably in its PC version (images of the broken textures still float around on the internet today). Yet, while the hype and distaste quickly died down, Ubisoft did not. In fact, many of the bugs that plagued the game were fixed within 24 hours of launch, with the rest being eradicated over the following weeks. More so, Ubisoft eventually realized locking off content behind companion apps and subscription programs was not exactly a good idea and unlocked the entire game in a later update. The singular DLC mission, Dead Kings, even ended up being released as a free update. As of today, I would go so far as to say Unity is my favorite Assassin’s Creed game, and that Dead Kings itself is the best story within the mythos of the franchise.

However, these are examples of games that benefited from overhaul updates. We want to hear about games you think deserve these updates. Homefront: The Revolution had some fantastic ideas and customization options, but it would greatly benefit from a patch improving its general playability. Mafia III features an incredible period story and beautiful presentation of said story, but it sports some of the worst glitches of the year and could use a little love from the developer. Hell, just imagine if Sonic ’06 had shorter load times. These are just a few games that could be perceived much more highly if someone took the time to fix them (okay, maybe Sonic ’06 would still be a game about loving hedgehogs the wrong way). Let us know what games you think could benefit from a total overhaul in the comments below!

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