Konami recently filed a new trademark for Silent Hill, which had some hopeful that the horror series could return. Unfortunately, closer inspection shows that the trademark was filed for gambling machines, which suggests it will be yet another game-turned-pachinko, which has become Konami’s MO.

Given the company’s terrible track record in recent years, including the flop that was Metal Gear Survive, it begs a bigger question: do you even trust Konami with their own games anymore?

For me, the answer is a resounding “No!” Konami has bled talent for some time now, losing top developers like Hideo Kojima and Koji Igarashi. The company’s business practices in recent years paint a picture of a soulless money machine not interested in quality or artistic expression. At this point, the thought of a new Silent Hill game fills me with dread, and not over scary gameplay.

Still, Konami has a treasure trove of famous IP like Metal Gear and Castlevania, and it’s an absolute shame to think of it going to waste. Ideally, Konami would recognize their own lack of ability to create quality gaming experiences worthy of their brands and license them out to partners who still have a passion for creating immersive gaming experiences. After Capcom’s successful return to survival-horror with Resident Evil VII, I wouldn’t mind seeing them get a shot at Silent Hill.

What do you think Konami should do with their library of classic IP? Sound off in the comments!

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