After weeks of rumors circulating through the industry, Activision’s recent livestream confirmed what many suspected: Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 will not have a traditional single-player campaign. The titanic shooter franchise no doubt generates most of its popularity from its multiplayer modes, so it’s not terribly surprising to see Activision take a step back from the single-player elements. Given the state of the series today, do you think Call of Duty still needs a campaign?

It’s a tricky situation. Personally, I’m not a fan of mulitplayer-only shooters, but I’m decidedly not a frequenter of first-person shooters in general. The first-person shooters I do enjoy are typically all about the campaign, like Resident Evil VII and Metroid Prime. I know I’m not the target audience here.

For those who spend countless hours competing online with other players months or even years after a Call of Duty game has launched, the important thing here is that they’re getting their money’s worth. Does Black Ops 4, which Activision boasts is the deepest and most replayable game in the franchise, offer enough new content to make up for the lack of a campaign and justify the price tag?

The answer is…we have no clue. Just as it was rumored last month, Black Ops 4 is replacing the absent campaign with extra multiplayer modes, and in particular, a Battle Royale mode. Unfortunately we don’t really have any clue yet whether or not this will be sufficient. The Blackout mode reveal repeatedly promises that this will be something new and unique, but no gameplay is shown to verify that or to separate it from any other Battle Royale game, many of which are free. Similarly, the reveal of the new Zombies modes took us to Ancient Rome and the belly of the Titanic, but once again, no gameplay was revealed.

Activision justifies removing the story-driven campaign by replacing it with more content than ever before, yet shows us no real content, and instead focuses on the stories and cinematic sequences of these new gameplay modes. It’s a bizarre way of presenting what’s meant to be the most content-deep Call of Duty to date, and it leaves more questions than answers in its wake.

What did you think of the Black Ops 4 reveal? Are you lamenting the loss of a campaign, excited for the new modes, or a little of both? Sound off in the comments!

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