During E3, our team stumbled across HIDEit Mounts, a company that essentially takes your consoles off of your tables and shelves and put them on the wall. Basically, they’re selling wall mounts for consoles and controllers, which when put into writing sounds like a pretty common-sensed idea but it wasn’t something we had ever encountered. The sales pitch was—as expected from a marketer attending E3—really solid: put your gaming hardware on the wall. It’ll make less clutter with the wires, decrease the chance of misplacing controllers, and it’ll look sexy in the process.

We decided to review the Nintendo Switch and controller mounts. In this review, we will be looking at several different facets of the product. Also, this review was courtesy of a free review copy provided to Gamnesia.


The mounts are surprisingly robust, even the controller ones that look a bit fragile. Made out of metal, you won’t risk breaking one unless you are actually trying to. Being a somewhat nimble man of 60kg, I can lean on the controller mounts without bending them, which is impressive, given that they’re designed to hold controllers, not people.

I never had any worries whatsoever about the console mount either. It’s really robust and fits well with the Switch dock. The console and dock are entered from the left side of the mount. The right side of the mount has an extruding piece preventing the switch from falling out (or being inserted that way). This means that as long as you don’t tilt the mount counter-clockwise, your Switch is secure and will not fall out. For this reason, I tried to make the mount tilt ever so slightly clockwise.

One minor downside is that the surface that the controller rests on is—like the rest of the piece—just smooth metal. After moving my Switch pro controller on and off a few times, I can’t see any scratches on the surface of the controller, but it would be nicer to have a more cushioned surface for that part of the mount. While it’s not really necessary, the addition of a stick-on rubber or cotton pad would do the job for only a fractional price increase. Additionally, while the controller mounts are universal in the sense that they are not specific to any console, they do require a rounded bottom to fit in the mounts, which is standard for all the controllers of this console generation. If you want to mount other controllers, you may have mixed results. Other switch compatible controllers such as the individual Joy-Cons or the 8bitdo controllers can be placed on the mounts, but they’re not really designed for them, so keep that in mind.


Now this is a difficult one. A moderate set of mounts that include the Switch console plus two controller mounts will set you back $50 for what is practically just three pieces of metal. In reality though, you’re not just paying for three pieces of metal; you’re really paying for the end result which you can see on the image to the right.

In addition to payment, you also have to invest some time in planning and set-up. If you have a small shelf and a wall-mounted TV already, then this will fit perfectly with your TV setup, similar to the promotional pictures from HIDEit Mounts. Piece of cake. In my case however, it wasn’t that easy. I have zero wall space close to my TV, and so I had to dedicate some space elsewhere. This meant I also had to get creative with wire management to make the wires run nicely along the wall. The setup of the mounts themselves took me about an hour, since I mounted it on a concrete wall and required some heavier tools for that. Measuring, drilling holes, screwing things in, measuring again… it’s all a process you have to take into account when considering getting wall mounts. You could say that in my case, I didn’t have the optimal living room setup for this product, but that’s also part of why I wanted to review it. You may have noticed this in life, but things don’t always work out as flawlessly as you think they will when you hear the sales pitch. So with that in mind, am I still happy with it?


The quality is definitely the best part of these wall mounts, especially when compared to some of the plastic hardware peripherals that are common in stores. And despite my living room not being optimized for this product, I’m still happy with the end result, although I’m usually way too lazy to put the controllers back on the wall mounts.

Whether you want to pay for a product like this, that’s entirely up to you. If you are interested in making your gaming environment a bit more sleek and you have a good spot for the mounts, I can definitely recommend these. While there are a few small improvements that could be made to the overall quality feel, there’s nothing negative about the mounts themselves that I can think of (though do consider positioning and wire management). They’re probably the best, most robust hardware peripherals I’ve used, and for their purpose, they’re worth the money in my opinion. And perhaps it might just be us that have been living under a rock not knowing about these wall mounts, but they could make a great surprise birthday or Christmas gift for a fellow gamer.

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