Video games enrich our lives. Chances are, if you are reading this, you share some level of the appreciation and admiration for them as an entertainment medium and art form that a lot of us do. Sometimes just playing these bundles of joy is not enough, either. We feel the urge to talk about the gameplay, stories, and audiovisual symphonies that whisk us away through adventures both big and small. That’s why I write about them: because there has to be some place for these thoughts to go.

I got my start in gaming journalism in the way many do, I’m sure. It started by writing about video games just for fun—because I wanted an outlet to express how much I love the games I play. At first, it didn’t matter who else might read my thoughts. Whether it was writing analyses on stories or full reviews, it just felt good to do.

Interests like that led me to my present volunteer and extracurricular occupations: writing for
Gamnesia and posting reviews and other features about games (mostly Nintendo games, I admit) on my YouTube channel. No overwhelming amount of people watch or read my content, but thankfully, attention is not the main reason I write. The intrinsic desire to gush about gaming is.

That’s why I think more people should get into it, more or less. By no means does every gaming “journalist” have to be official. Anyone who has critiques about games or gossips about the recent game trailers can be a journalist. Putting those words down on paper or out for someone to hear is what turns a fan into a reporter. You don’t have to write for IGN or stream Let’s Plays for hundreds of millions to be successful in that sense. As long as you have a love of doing it, which stems from the love of games, something productive is being accomplished with each thing you jot down about a game you love (or dislike).

Sometimes writing can feel intimidating. Even in our heads before we speak, we write to make sure the words make sense. So instead of worrying about how eloquent or organized your thoughts may be, just start writing. Your feelings about certain parts of the gaming world or specific games will come as long as you put the time into it. If you’re anything like me, you’ll actually think it’s a lot of fun too!

Look at what I do for instance. For my review about Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door below, I just wrote a script, gathered some footage from other YouTube channels, and slapped my logo on art of the game for the thumbnail. Anyone with a little bit of writing experience and computer know-how can do that if they want. It just takes a little bit of practice. So if you have ever had the urge to write about video games with your own unique style and presence, the only thing that could stop you is you.

What about you then? Have you ever considered being a gaming journalist? It might not be a paid occupation (for now), but it really can be a lot of fun if you already like video games themselves. Share your writing, videos, or anything else you’re comfortable with in the comments below!

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Eric Zavinski
Hey all! I've been a gamer since I was three. I'm one of those people with gaming so ingrained in them that watching my father play Super Mario 64 is actually my first memory I can recall. I love writing too! I'm writing an original fantasy series that takes place in another universe; it may take some inspiration from some of my favorite franchises. I've been a journalist for a few years, have worked on local and national teams, and have garnered experience assigning stories, editing, writing, interviewing, hosting a television series, running a YouTube channel, and doing other stuff that's more fun to mention in conversation. Bios can drag on. Anyway, I'm super stoked to be a part of the Gamnesia team! Thanks for having me!


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