Game Freak’s ever-popular Pokémon series is more hyped than ever, and that excitement will only grow when the next major entry in the series launches on Nintendo Switch. At this point we don’t know exactly what the next game will be, and Game Freak isn’t telling. They could choose to remake previous games (with the Sinnoh region’s fourth generation next in line), or they could launch an entirely new generation.

If it’s the latter, do you think it’s too soon after Sun and Moon for generation eight to launch? The seventh generation of Pokémon games debuted late in 2016, or around a year and a half ago. If Pokémon for Switch launches this holiday season (which is rumored, but not confirmed), that would only put two years between the beginning of the seventh and eighth generations. Historically, there has usually been around a three to four year gap in between Pokémon generations, so a holiday 2019 launch would make a lot more sense for an all-new Pokémon adventure.

Given that Pokémon on Switch will be the first main series entry in HD, I’m hoping Game Freak takes their time to craft an adventure worthy of the new hardware. If that means waiting a little bit longer for the eighth generation, that’s fine with me. In the meantime they could grant the requests of Sinnoh fans, or even revisit Kanto in HD.

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