Video game developers and publishers love to capitalize on the success of their hit games by turning them into big-budgeted Hollywood movies. Movies can draw a larger crowd, making them a more lucrative overall venture… or at least that’s usually the case. As we reported earlier today,
Grand Theft Auto V has sold so many copies that it’s now more profitable than any game or film in history. With Rockstar’s hit game already pulling in movie-like profits, should publisher Take-Two consider making the leap?

There’s no doubt that an official
Grand Theft Auto movie would attract an incredible amount of attention, but it won’t all be good. A live-action adaptation would almost certainly be an ultra-violent affair with plenty of backlash. Of course, Grand Theft Auto is no stranger to controversy, but the outrage over digital violence and sex would likely be nothing compared to the PR storm they’d face over a live-action Grand Theft Auto. Is it worth the potential damage to the brand? Alternatively, they could opt to do a CG film, much like the Resident Evil series has from time to time. This would allow the movie to bear more resemblance to the games while avoiding more realistic adult content.

Another big concern is that the feeling of an open world sandbox adventure could be lost in a film. Sure,
Grand Theft Auto has its story missions, but the game’s real hook is creating your own story with your actions. Grand Theft Auto drops you in a massive, living world, and what you do next is your choice. Will you follow the rules of the road or mow down pedestrians? How many stars can you rack up with just a pistol before you get taken down? Should you play the game legitimately or pop in some cheat codes and become a god? This kind of freedom to experiment wouldn’t necessarily be easy to convert into movie form.

So what do you think? Should Take-Two take their cash cow to the next level and put it on the big screen, or is
Grand Theft Auto best left in the realm of video games? Sound off in the comments!

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