Every once in awhile, E3 will bring a gaming announcement that really tugs at the heartstrings. This year delivered a few of these moments: the announcement of a Final Fantasy VII remake, the Kickstarter launch for the long-awaited Shenmue III, and the re-reveal of The Last Guardian being the big standouts. Some of us, however, were more moved by other moments.

If you’ve listened to our Nintendo-themed podcast, Nintendo Week, you probably know that Gamnesia’s Editor-in-Chief, Colin McIsaac, is an insanely huge EarthBound fan. Needless to say, the announcement of EarthBound Beginnings at the Nintendo World Championships was a really significant moment for him—so significant, in fact, that he literally cried with joy at its announcement.

Check out the video above to watch our editor-in-chief sob like a wee babe. Mark our words, Colin: we will never forget this.

Colin later wrote a reflections piece about why the EarthBound Beginnings reveal was such a wonderful gesture from Nintendo. If you’re interested in reading all about it, you can check that piece out right here once you’ve finished snickering.

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