Toys “R” Us has been one of the biggest names in toys for decades, and for many it was once a haven for young video game fans. Unfortunately the company has found itself in a dire financial situation, and they recently announced plans to shut down all of their locations in the US and the UK. With this once-beloved retailer soon set to close its doors for good, we want to know what fond childhood memories you associated with Toys “R” Us.

Unfortunately, the store in my town closed down many, many years ago, but I remember frequenting it in the mid-90s around the debut of the Nintendo 64. I grew up with a SEGA Genesis, but I was well familiar with Nintendo from playing SNES with neighbors, but Nintendo 64 was mind-blowing compared to that. I remember playing a demo for Super Mario 64 for the first time at Toys “R” Us and being amazed by 3D visuals that far surpassed anything I had ever played.

Eventually my dad bought the console, and it quickly became the primary source of entertainment for myself and my two older brothers. We weren’t well off, so we could only afford a few games, but every weekend we’d rent more from the local video store and spend countless hours competing in games like Super Smash Bros. and GoldenEye 007. It was a wonderful bonding experience for all of us, and it cemented my love for Nintendo games to this day.

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