In light of the official reveal of the Spyro Reignited Trilogy, we recently asked our readers to share their all-time favorite video game remakes and remasters. You guys came up with lots of great examples of classic games that were impressively remade, but there are still plenty of old favorites that have never been re-imagined for modern gamers. Of all the games of yesteryear, which one do you think is most in need of a fresh coat of paint?

If I had to narrow it down to just one option, I’d probably go with the debut entry from my all-time favorite series: The Legend of Zelda. The original Zelda on NES was a revolutionary adventure, but the controls, AI, and graphics have grown dated over the years, and it’s not particularly accessible to new fans of the series.

I praised Metroid: Zero Mission in our remakes and remasters post, and I believe Zelda could greatly benefit from getting a similar tune-up. A few simple changes could instantly make the game a smoother experience, like including an overworld map and allowing players to walk in eight directions instead of just four. With your increased mobility, enemies will have to behave a bit more intelligently instead of relying on brute strength alone. Give the graphics a 16-bit overhaul and toss in some more NPCs and story progression (replacing the poorly translated bits of vague clues that currently make up the game’s text) and you’ve got yourself the basis for a great remake already.

If Nintendo wanted to get really bold, they could even shake things up a little more dramatically. While working on Breath of the Wild, Nintendo created a 2D prototype of the game that allowed them to test some of its physics and chemistry features in a simpler environment. This idea could be recycled for a Zelda remake, giving players a much more interactive experience. The prototype footage Nintendo released showed off fun tricks like lighting an arrow by shooting it through a flame and sending a log downstream by rolling it into a flowing river. Breath of the Wild encouraged players to experiment with their tools and their environment as much as possible, and it could be a lot of fun to recreate that gameplay in a 2D space.

Which game classic game do you think is most in need of a remake? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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