What’s the Worst Video Game Movie of All Time?


In recent years we’ve seen a surge of movies based (often loosely) on popular video games. The idea of seeing your favorite video game characters on the big screen is exciting, but history has shown us that Hollywood has a knack for mishandling them and botching what made their games special in the first place. Of all the game-to-film stinkers over the years, which is the worst of all time?

I can’t exactly narrow my answer down to just a single movie, but there is one particular game-inspired movie franchise that has been a bigger letdown than others. Despite what many people think, I actually enjoy the first two live-action
Resident Evil films quite a bit. Sure, the first one has very little to do with the games, but I always felt like it at least got the general tone of the early games down. It was tense, there was intrigue, and yes, it was a bit campy at times. The sequel, Apocalypse, wasn’t as enjoyable for me, but I appreciated that it borrowed heavily from the second and third games, and I enjoyed its action. The two weren’t objectively great films, but they were a lot of fun, and my friends and I used to watch them all the time when were teens.

From that point on, things went downhill fast. The first two movies contained the threat to a confined space, and the stakes felt so much more real. The characters were in real danger, and, if they didn’t succeed, the world would soon be as well. The third film,
Extinction, throws all of this out the window. Despite the ending of Apocalypse seemingly containing the virus, Extinction opens with the vast majority of the world being, well, extinct. On top of that, Milla Jovovich’s Alice character is basically an unstoppable god. What’s there to be afraid of at this point? The worst thing that could possibly ever happen already happened, and the main character is near invincible. Extinction also made very little effort to draw from the games, causing it to fail as a game-to-film adaptation and as a standalone product. It just plain sucked.

Paul W. S. Anderson continued to crank out three more movies after this (for some unfortunate reason), and the series only got more convoluted and nonsensical as it went. Although, to be fair, the games did the same with
Resident Evil 6. It’s an unfortunate squandering of an iconic IP with a lot of potential.

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