What’s Your All-Time Favorite April Fool’s Video Game Joke?


Today is the first of April, and as always, that means it’s time to put on your skeptic hat, pick up your bullcrap detector, and wade out into the world of ridiculous jokes, pranks, and Half-Life 3 confirmations. Most April Fool’s jokes in the video game industry are easy to spot, but they can still be a lot of fun. Of all the gags you’ve seen over the years, which April Fool’s video game joke is your favorite?

For me, it’s a two way tie between a pair of jokes that had lasting impact. The first is IGN’s old
Legend of Zelda movie trailer. While I thought it was an obvious fake from the beginning, it was clear that they put a lot of time and effort into it. In fact, it actually succeeded at fooling many people, and even years later I’d still see that old trailer re-surface on Facebook from time to time. What I really liked most about this video is that the team behind it, RainfallFilms, made a name for themselves and continued to create quality productions, including a fantastic re-imagining of Metroid with a 1960s sci-fi vibe.

Another joke-turned-masterpiece is Google Maps’ Pokémon Challenge from 2014. This fun little app allowed fans to search for Pokémon via Google Maps, and that idea eventually became the basis for Pokémon GO, one of the biggest video game phenomenons in years. Not a bad follow-up to a joke!

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