As video games become increasingly more popular we’re seeing a rise in game-related video content in recent years. Video games movies have been a mixed bag in recent years, and now there’s a push for more game-based TV shows, including Street Fighter, The Witcher, Halo, and Resident Evil. There’s even talk of potential for a God of War show. With so many projects to choose from, which one has you most excited?

As a fan of Resident Evil, I’d love to be able to say I’m thrilled at the prospect of a TV show. Unfortunately, the live action movies (minus the first two) have me more than a little wary of how they may bastardize the franchise. I have higher hopes that franchises like
Halo and The Witcher will hold more true to the quality of the games, but neither franchise is one I’ve played extensively. The second season of Netflix’s Castlevania anime is probably the safest bet to be a hit, given the high quality of the first season, brief as it was.

Ben Lamoreux


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