Tomorrow the video game industry comes together both to celebrate some of the best releases from 2018 and to look ahead to future titles. The Game Awards are returning for their fifth year, and creator Geoff Keighley has teased that this year’s show has more game reveals than ever before. There have been rumors swirling around for quite some time now that Nintendo is bringing something to the show, and today they fueled those fires even further.

Ahead of the event, Nintendo’s official Twitter account just sent out a reminder to fans, urging them to tune in and watch the show. Although there are a few Nintendo titles up for grabs, they don’t have a huge presence in the Nominees section, as it was something of a slow year for Switch prior to this holiday season. It seems likely that Nintendo will be dropping some sort of reveal, much as they’ve done in the past.

Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime also seemed to hint at a big announcement last week. He appeared alongside Keighley in a short clip in which Keighley jokingly accuses him of stealing the show’s thunder by launching Smash Bros. around the same time. In response, Reggie says he’ll make up for it by doing “something special on your show.”

A Metroid announcement, either a Prime 4 trailer or the Prime Trilogy for Switch, has long been rumored. Months ago, Fils-Aime and Keighley posed together for a picture advertising The Game Awards, and Fils-Aime was wearing a Metroid shirt. Since then numerous sources have claimed that Prime Trilogy is indeed on the way (although its status for The Game Awards remains unknown), and industry insider Liam Robertson believes it to be the real deal.

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