According to Nintendo’s network status page,
from 5:00pm Pacific on Monday March 24th to 1:00am on the 25th, the
Nintendo 3DS network will be undergoing “extended maintenance” in
addition to that week’s usual Monday noon to 4:00pm updates. Apparently
there was some maintenance for the
Pokémon X and Y online services yesterday evening, as well. If you had trouble playing Pokémon online yesterday, there’s your reason.

this just means that some online features will be down during
maintenance, but it does pique the curiosity as to what Nintendo is
working on that warrants extra downtime. Probably just fine-tuning, if
we want to be realistic.

Source: Nintendo

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Stefan Terry
One of my earliest memories with games was just after Pokémon had come out in the states for the first time. I remember, after having watched the show for a couple weeks, stumbling across a friend with an original Gameboy playing Pokémon Red version using a Weedle. When he told me he was playing Pokémon, I told him I didn't know there was a Pokémon that had a pumpkin for a head. Boy games have come a long way. Speaking of games, I also contribute to making them somewhat professionally, and ocassionaly write about them. You should see some of that games writing stuff, I hear it's real popular with the kids these days.


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