Another week means another hot song update for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. While previous peeks into the game’s sound direction already point to an end product filled with tons of musical fan service for gamers of all walks of life, this one might be the most mind-blowing addition thus far.

Two celebrated racing franchises have combined, as Takenobu Mitsuyoshi, a SEGA composer most fans will recognize from Daytona USA, has been brought on board the Ultimate soundtrack team to score a medley for F-Zero.

According to the Super Smash Bros. blog, “F-ZERO Medley”—featured above in a criminally short preview—will bring together “DEATH WIND, FIRE FIELD, and perhaps more” for an epic medley to show your moves to. The track wastes no time in introducing you to Mitsuyoshi’s signature vocal talent, as though it were airlifted straight out of the Daytona USA series itself.

Mitsuyoshi joins fellow SEGA music compatriots Jun Senoue and Tomoya Ohtani as contributors for the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate soundtrack, who have arranged tributes to Mega Man 4 and Splatoon respectively.

What do you think of Takenobu’s take on F-Zero? Which dream video game composer would you like to see tackle music from your favorite series for Ultimate? Share your thoughts with us below, and be sure to check out last week’s Smash remix of “Snake Eater” as well!

Source: Super Smash Bros. Music

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