Well wouldn’t you know it; Fallout 4 was financially successful. But, like, for real. It was, like, really, really successful. Over twelve million copies of Fallout 4 have been shipped to retailers for launch day alone, meaning it’s garnered an “excess of $750 million.” That’s nuts. Even Skyrim, Bethesda’s last mega release back in 2011, only had seven million copies shipped in the first two days of its release.

Of course, keep in mind that the number twelve million is only representative of those games which have been shipped to retailers, not those which have been sold – but still, that’s a high number. After all,
Skyrim managed to move three and a half million of that seven within its first two days. Hell, even Fallout 4‘s Pip-Boy Edition was has become the fastest selling collector’s edition ever “at leading retailers.”

Source: Bethesda (via GameSpot)

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