Bethesda recently launched patch 1.03 for Fallout 4 on consoles, and in addition to fixing a handful of pesky bugs, the 500 megabyte patch also gives PlayStation 4 and Xbox One a nice visual boost. Frame rates are more steady than in the previous patch, but both versions still dip below 30 frames per second occasionally (with PlayStation 4 generally outperforming Xbox One), and unfortunately the Xbox One version still has a nasty issue with stuttering.

Digital Foundry dug into the improvements in their latest video, and they’ve concluded that the console version of the game is now almost roughly equivalent to running the PC version of the game on the high graphics preset. Perhaps the most noticeable change is vastly improved draw distances, which is an area where the console versions were lacking. No improvements were made to the game’s shadows, so they’re still roughly equivalent to a medium setting on PC. You can watch the video for the full breakdown by clicking above!

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