Fallout 4‘s final DLC pack, Nuka-World, which released this week, includes a tribute to the deceased brother of a dedicated fan of the game. The fan, known by his Reddit username NoohjXLVII, had written messages on Reddit praising the game, which helped him through the deaths of both his father and brother.

NoohjXLVII’s brother Evan was included in the game as an NPC. NoohjXLVII replied to this tribute, saying “the words they use sound exactly like him, however he was also a pretty funny guy, full of puns.” Bethesda also sent NoohjXLVII a care package that included a nice note from the team and a number of items such as toys, a t-shirt, the game’s soundtrack, and a Fallout 4 Xbox One controller.

Have you met Evan in-game? Let us know below!

Source: GameSpot

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