1. Petra is best girl and Hubert is best boy. Black Eagles!

  2. Edelgard and Dorothea were my favorites as far as the ladies go.

  3. The fact the Gatekeeper and Leonie is really low in this list just makes my heart crumble 🥺

  4. Why is Alois so low? I love dad jokes knight…

    Cyril is too high.

  5. I just don’t see the appeal of Hilda at all. She’s so bratty and lazy. For me it’s Mercedes, Petra, Edelgard. Mercedes is the real wifey material. ❤️❤️❤️

  6. Bernadetta is best girl and that’s a hill on which I’m willing to die

  7. Spoiler alert: (Kinda) on my 1st playthrough i chose the black eagles and picked edelgard as my woman.. 2nd playthrough as the golden deer and learned a horrible truth about Edelhard and needless to say I heavily regret choosing her the first time around 😑

  8. Bernadetta is definitely best girl. But dimitri? I’d put Solon above that ass hat

  9. Playing through for the first time and I’m onto chapter 15. My favorites so far have been Bernadetta and Seteth playing the Black Eagles route.

  10. It’s just so difficult to decide, they’re all just so bland and stereotypical.

  11. Bernie so high and Petra so low. Disgraceful

  12. Anyone who played knows who’s the real MVP. Gatekeeper is always there for you, even if he has nothing to report.

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