Another Famitsu means another race to translate details on a new Nintendo game. This month gives us the gift of Fire Emblem If. Let’s see if there’s anything here. If you’re available. If.

According to a few sources, this issue details simple backstories and individual skills of various members in both Hoshido and Nohr armies. Amidst the Japanese is some pretty new character artwork as well as a few new screens.

Here are some details translated by some forum users at Serenes Forest.

Avatar possesses Mysterious Charisma (when acting as the support (back unit), if the front unit has a C or higher support, the front unit’s Accuracy is boosted by 10, damage by 2 and damage received reduced by 2)

Cyrus: Cavalier – A fledgling Nohrian knight. Has known the Avatar since childhood; an ally in both campaigns.

Elfie: Knight – A knight who serves Nohr’s princess Elise. Contrary to her appearance, she possesses amazing strength. Never misses training. Possesses Lightweight (when the enemy’s Strength is 5 points higher than this unit, this unit’s damage increases by 3)

Harold: Brave Hero – Elise’s subordinate. He fights with the belief that he’s a hero of justice; his drawback is that he’s plagued with exceptionally bad luck. Possesses Unlucky Soul (enemies within a 2 tile radius have their Critical Evade reduced by 15, while the user’s Critical Evade is reduced by 5) (He reminds me of Virion)

Hinata: Samurai – Hails from a family of samurais who have served Hoshido for generations. Hinata himself serves under Takumi. Quick to quarrel, but thinks often of his friends. When at half HP or lower, damage received by swords, lances and axes is halved.

Oboro: Lancer – Takumi’s subordinate, who harbours a small crush for her liege (Takumi). Because of her past experience, she possesses a stronger hatred for Nohr than most people. Possesses Nohr-hater (When engaging a Nohr-related enemy, damage increases by 3)

Rinka: Oni – A fighter born into the “Fire Clan”. Following her father–the chieftain’s orders, she aids the people of Hoshido in their battle against Nohr.

Tsukuyomi: Spellcaster – Unlike Rinka, he was born into the “Wind Clan”. Despite his young age, a talented spellcaster. Hates dark places. Possesses Arrogance (when unit’s Level is lower than the enemy’s (promoted units count as Level +20), damage increases by 4)

Kazahana’s inactive skill increases Damage by 10, but also increases Damage received from enemies by 10. She also has “Flowing Strike”, Vantage and Strength Seal.

Here are some details on the Lancer class.

– Lancer Class: Defense Seal – After damaging an enemy, the enemy’s Defense is reduced by 6.

– Lancer Class: Substitute – On the map, the user can select an adjacent target to “substitute”. This probably allows the user to take damage instead of their target and useful for protecting weak/wounded allies.

You can check out the screens of Famitsu below. Be wary of possible spoilers if you want to stay away from any and all details of the game.

Source: Serenes Forest

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