Come E3 2015, albeit a little in advance by mistake, palpitating Nintendo fans were met with the announcement that Koei Tecmo’s hit Wii U game, Hyrule Warriors, would later arrive on the Nintendo 3DS with Tetra and King Daphnes sailing in as new playable characters. The rebranded Hyrule Warriors Legends will expand on the pre-existing story in the original version with an epilogue centered around The Wind Waker, and little word has emerged since, other than hints that more characters have yet to be announced. Yesterday, it was revealed via the latest issue of Famitsu that the Hero of Winds, Toon Link, will be playable as well, and with the reveal comes a great flood of Hyrule Warriors news!

As previously noted, Toon Link is described as an agile fighter who uses wind-based attacks through his sword, and will not be taking part in the game’s story campaign through Legends Mode. As for the Famitsu article as a whole, here’s the breakdown on what to expect from the Wind Waker expansion:

  • Displaced from time are new locations Windfall Island, Dragon Roost Island, and the Forsaken Fortress
  • The Helmaroc King acts as a Giant Boss, and behaves just as it does in The Wind Waker, attacking with powerful gusts of wind and its giant beak
  • Miniblins and Big Blins, the latter from Spirit Tracks, are new field enemies
  • The Hammer, a new item, can stun nearby enemies when smashed into the ground. Given the in-game trend where a newly unlocked item acts as a weakness for the local Giant Boss, it can be implied that using this item is how you best the Helmaroc King, just like the Skull Hammer in The Wind Waker
  • The golden ocarina, the one shown during the Legends reveal trailer, will summon a tornado on-field
  • Owl Statues, from Majora’s Mask, look to be summoned onto the field via tornadoes
  • Tetra, King Daphnes, and Toon Link, and likely the new story, levels, and items, can be transferred from the 3DS onto the Wii U version. No word on a Wind Waker-themed DLC pack for Hyrule Warriors Wii U as of yet, however

Source: Famitsu, GameXplain (via Zelda Informer)

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