New scans from the Japanese Famitsu Magazine surfaced on the internet recently, and they have plenty of details about Robin, Lucina, and other aspects of the upcoming Smash Bros. games.

The scans, translated by Nintendo Everything user gigamario, detail Robin’s moveset and have a few details about Lucina and the stages in the game. As we previously predicted, tomes will be used for special attacks, and each direction will have its own element. Robin’s neutral, side, down, and up specials correspond to Thunder, Fire, Dark, and Wind attacks respectively.

The translation of the scans can be found below; if you want to take a look at the scans themselves, you can check them out in the gallery below the translation.


  • Uses Levin sword for smash attacks and tomes for specials
  • If Levin sword breaks it will regenerate after some time as Sakurai explained in the picture of the day
  • Side smash: Horizontal cut with Levin sword, thunder effect adds damage; After number of uses Levin sword breaks and you will use bronze sword
  • Aerial front: If you input smash midair, you will use Levin sword (while uses last); the magazine advices to pay attention how many times it is used
  • Down special: Violet serpent formed spell. If it hits, it will damage opponent and heal user. If hit behind back, healing effect will be greater
  • Side special (giga fire): Does large amount of damage. Shoots fire diagonally downwards and if it hits ground, item or enemy, it will burst into upwards pillar of flame which damages nearby area
  • Normal special (thunder): According to charging time, it evolves from thunder to elthunder, giga thunder or thoron. Press b to charge and press again to unleash. If you press shield button while charging you can store the charge and continue where you left afterwards
  • Up special (elwind): Launches downwards 2 projectiles and Robin jumps from the momentum. If you use all the uses you can’t unleash projectiles or use the jump effect.
  • Final smash (double): Chrom dashes in and slashes while Robin uses magic in midair.


  • There is a great variety of “gimmick” stages in this game and this (Ferox arena) is one of them
  • At the beginning the stage is flat but there will appear additional platforms
  • If you attack supported platform it will shake left and right or even crumble if attacked enough


  • Lucina is as Sakurai told earlier: same moves as Marth but dealt damage is same for all parts of the sword
  • You can attach or detach the mask at the stage entry or with taunt


  • There is also small dialogue kind of thing (between editors?) where they hype the Captain Falcon and my unit announcements
  • They may also say that they were surprised that Chrom isn’t in, and Sakurai himself will explain the reasons at page 176 (unclear)

Source: Famitsu via Nintendo Everything (1, 2)

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