Team Four Star, best known for their popular anime parodies of Dragon Ball Z, are having one of their key voice actors participate in the upcoming Dragon Ball Xenoverse video game. Team Four Star co-creator and voice actor Curtis Arnott, also known as Takahata101, will be voicing the Option 8 create-a-character voice in Dragon Ball Xenoverse.

Christopher Sabat, who voices Vegeta and Piccolo in the DBZ series, officially confirmed the news, saying:

“Well, guys, it’s official! Team Four Star helped bring GHOST NAPPA to Dragon Ball Xenoverse! Bandai Namco How rad is that??!” — Christopher Sabat

The Team Four Star official Twitter confirmed the news as well.

Are you guys excited to have your own character sound like Ghost Nappa? Is there anyone else out of the Team Four Star crew you would have wanted to be in
Dragon Ball Xenoverse? Would it be strange to put your Nappa-voiced created character up against the actual Nappa? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Hardcore Gamer

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