Have you ever wanted to experience a familiar game on a brand new system? Thanks to the Virtual Console and eShop sales, Nintendo fans can now own various classic games across most Nintendo systems. One fan, however, wanted to push the boundaries of science and make his own gaming hybrid. Through a series of photos, a fan demonstrates how you can jam the original Pokémon Blue game into an SNES cartridge and have it work on the system.

For people who are comfortable taking their games apart and can follow a series of directions, the process seems relatively simple. By taking apart a Super Game Boy Cartridge and the Pokémon cartridge, the two can be soldered together with the proper connections in place. Then, by getting a blank SNES cartridge and printing out your own label, you get a very authentic looking Pokémon experience.

Now the Game Boy game can already be played on the television by using the Super Game Boy (Or a Pokémon Stadium cartridge adapter), but the point of this exercise is to turn it into an enclosed game that would go nicely with the rest of your collection.

What are your thoughts? Is this something you’d feel comfortable attempting yourself? Let us know in the comments!

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