Earlier this year, a group of dedicated Metal Gear fans announced that they were working on a remake of Metal Gear Solid in Unreal Engine 4 called Shadow Moses. Last month, the team behind Shadow Moses announced that the project had been cancelled due to “reasons beyond our control…” Despite the setback, the group announced a new project titled The Fan Legacy: Metal Gear Solid, and it is scheduled to come out on PC.

According to the team, The Fan Legacy: Metal Gear Solid will be a first-person experience and it will feature VR support as well as some kind of involvement from Solid Snake voice actor David Hayter.

“Born from the ‘Shadow Moses’ project, The Fan Legacy: Metal Gear Solid is a first-person experience allowing fans the opportunity to revisit some of the most emblematic MGS levels in the form of a virtual museum. There will be no need for stealth this time around…We can also reveal that non-other than the legendary David Hayter will be involved in the project, which we are overjoyed by!” — The Fan Legacy Team

The Fan Legacy: Metal Gear Solid is scheduled to be released for free next month.

Source: Shadow Moses Page

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