A group of YouTubers is working on recreating the beta of Luigi’s Mansion. AbsoluteG, Catley, and CyberTanuki are attempting to recreate the game in two parts. The first part, dubbed “The Revival,” is based on the original E3 demo of the game. Their aim is to give players “a near-perfect simulation of what the demo was all about.” The second chapter is called “Luigi’s Big Adventure” and is an attempt to completely remake Nintendo’s never released beta of Luigi’s Mansion.

The group claims that players will be able to experience the game in an entirely different light. No information has been given as to the release date, only that no updates will come out for a while. CyberTanuki assures us that they have all been working hard on the project and that they will return to it as soon as they are able.

Are you excited to re-explore Luigi’s Mansion? Let us know in the comments below!

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