No one could have predicted that a new God of War would be announced at E3 this year, yet not only was it revealed, it looked downright glorious. However, it seems many of us were a little too distracted by all the pretty, visceral gore that Kratos was pulling out from his enemies to notice a few hidden details. Fortunately, NeoGAF user Bitch Pudding managed to find most, if not all, of these secrets and compiled them for all to see.

There are a fair number of details that are meant to be obvious. For example, when Kratos walks through the bandit camp he sees both a large wolf and the skinned body of a troll being hung upside down. Both examples indicate possible world building for the game, serving as merely just neat additions. However, there are a couple of wicked secrets that have sparked a lot of discussion and speculation on the game.

The most haunting among these is a dark figure that appears just after Kratos defeats one of the skeletons at the 3:34 mark in the trailer. It is difficult to see without zooming in, but there is very clearly a figure with horns floating up and down near the center of the shot. Fans have speculated that this is most likely a fae or elf, as both are present in Norse Mythology. You can also see it escape as Kratos gets closer at 3:46, if you are curious.

For a better look at a flying magical being, check out 6:47 in the trailer. Another fairy-like creature flies away in the top left corner as Kratos and his son are leaving the bandit camp.

Finally, at 9:10 when the camera starts panning out from Kratos and his son, look off in the distance at that river. Turns out when you zoom in, it is not a river. It is actually a giant white snake traveling through the forest. Fans have speculated that this is the Midgard Serpent, a very prominent monster in Norse Mythology.

On a more interesting note, in a video Eurogamer made detailing these secrets, it is mentioned that Kratos’ son fires a bolt of lightning, as if he were Thor. If you are not up to speed on your Norse Mythology, during Ragnarok (basically the Norse apocalypse/recreation of the world), Thor would kill the serpent, but would soon die after succumbing to its poison. Perhaps events in the game will play out similarly? We will have to wait and see when the game is released at some point in the future.

What do you think of these secrets? Do you have any theories on what they are? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: IGN

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