Nintendo Switch is a phenomenally popular console, but it’s not without shortcomings. One of the biggest gripes players have is that Nintendo’s console doesn’t allow you to back up your save files. This will change in September with the launch of 
Nintendo Switch Online, but cloud saves will only be available to paying members, and some games won’t support cloud saves at all. Additionally, there’s no way to back up your saves physically.

Because of this, Nintendo fans have started a campaign called #SaveTheSaves to petition Nintendo to address the situation. The campaign began on gaming forum Resetera and has spread to other places, like Twitter. Resetera user “Redhead On Moped” kicked the campaign off with the following argument:

PC games? Copy paste to anywhere, with anything.
Sega CD? Buy multiple RAM carts.
PlayStation? Duplicate your memory card.
Saturn? Backup memory cart.
Dreamcast? Use extra VMUs or memory cards!
PS2? See PS1
GCN? Memory cards baby!
Xbox? Memory card it!
Wii? Grab an SD Card!
Xbox 360? Use a flash stick, memory card, or hard disk.
PS3: Use a USB flash stick.
Even The Wii U: Use a USB 2.0 Mass Storage Device.
PS4: Use a flash drive.
Nintendo Switch: NOPE!

Upon learning of the campaign, Kotaku reached out to Nintendo for comment, but so far they’ve only gotten silence in return. Are you satisfied with Nintendo offering cloud saves as part of a paid membership program, or do Switch owners deserve the ability to back up their save files free of charge? Let us know what you think of Nintendo’s choices and the campaign in the comments below!

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