A wide variety of big names in the gaming industry have reacted to the recent passing of Nintendo President and CEO Satoru Iwata. He clearly had the respect of his peers, but let us also take a look to the other side of the industry: the fans. The enormous impact Iwata has made shows itself here even more clearly. A torrent of fan-art honoring Iwata has flooded the internet, and we have the privilege to share some of it. Take a look at the gallery down below to view a fraction of the many works of art Nintendo fans have made to express their love for Iwata.

If you have any more artwork you’d like to share, please do so in the comments below the gallery!


  1. SoyUnGnomo
  2. Reyna-Mirai
  3. jpmeshew
  4. AdamentSnow
  5. Kittycouch
  6. Uguubear
  7. YomiTrooper
  8. MarzyMarrs
  9. Angle-007
  10. Isi-Daddy
  11. SaccharoKirby
  12. Verna-c
  13. Marios-Friend9
  14. shy-waterlillies
  15. Bewoolf
  16. teh-ray
  17. roomb31
  18. cosmickaninchen
  19. the-legend-of-ben
  20. robotmermaids
  21. Radio Gosha
  22. Dabbyy
  23. ReereeandWally101
  24. PenKenArts
  25. EternaLegend
  26. Dragonith
  27. PeachBunni
  28. Brawl In The Family
  29. namie
  30. TheChowderhead
  31. Joshua Saucedo
  32. The Gamer Cat
  33. ghostlet
  34. Eto86
  35. MoeAlmighty
  36. joypandaah
  37. Rincs
  38. featherdusters
  39. Akuo
  40. deadcelledo
  41. Ben Huber
  42. Alejandro Argandona
  43. meowza
  44. Noob and Nerd
  45. Snake Hunta
  46. Jintor
  47. seiryuuden
  48. Murugo
  49. GitGudNami
  50. CaioGomides
  51. phileep
  53. The Midnight Machine
  54. Chao
  55. Sonja van Vure

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