Over the past few years, video game livestreaming has grown immensely from a niche hobby to a full-blown profession. With sites like Twitch bringing in millions upon millions of visitors, it’s no surprise that companies like Sony and Microsoft are integrating their services into the console itself. However, this has raised many questions about the validity of linear, predictable games in a world where you can experience them from any device for free via streaming and “Let’s Plays”.

Far Cry 4 creative director Alex Hutchinson has weighed in on the issue with a decisive response:

“I’m really interested in emergent games and where that’s going with video sharing and Twitch.

“They’re already super high-quality, and we’re already seeing their audiences migrate to the big open world games. If I open my friends list and see everybody on the same mission, doing the same thing… I think that’s nowhere near as strong a sales pitch as opening your friends list and seeing 40 people doing completely different things.

“I think linear story games are really going to suffer in the modern marketplace.”
— Alex Hutchinson

Do you agree with his assessment on where livestreaming will lead the industry? Do you think it is nonsense? Sound off below!

Source: OXM

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