1. 360 controller is the gold standard by far. Joy cons are the worst- my hands go completely dead within 15 mins lol.

  2. Tbf, Nintendo have been the innovators of controller design. Being the origin of the d-pad and analog stick in console gaming.

  3. Yeah, dont count the kinect or the move controller

  4. Honestly, I’ve always felt PS controllers a good fit for my hands. It’s not a design I’d change, even since the days of the old PSone.

  5. that’s what made every console and experience unique
    ps and xbox are more or less “improved version” of the “same thing” ..

  6. The ABXY buttons on the SNES controller are the wrong colour.

  7. Wii & Gamepad were my favorite!
    Really like all of the PS controllers!
    Havenโ€™t used much of the Xbox ones

  8. Aiight, fess up: Who read this in Doctor Rockso (the Rock n Roll clown)’s voice?

  9. Original playstation controller didn’t have analog sticks.


  11. If you can adapt to every generation of Nintendo, you can adapt to anything ๐Ÿ˜†

  12. PS4 all the way baby โœŒ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ–ค

  13. GameCube and WiiU gamepad is so comfortable to hold!

  14. The only one in this lineup I haven’t touched is the Wii-U. GameCube takes my vote for best designed. It just felt so comfortable and natural to game with.

  15. Playstation controllers aren’t great, they aren’t broken, but they’re far from the best.

  16. don’t diss my homeboy GameCube

  17. Nintendo: “lets create something new”
    Sony: “let’s create the same one but with different appeal so customers not bored”
    Microsoft: “dont change it! Well, chenge it slightly so teacher won’t notice”
    Sega: “ahh. Good old days when i’m not nihilism”

  18. Seriously wtf is the N64 controllers. Was I suppose to hold either sides with my hand and steer the middle stick with my dick?

  19. Ps4 and GameCube controllers are my favorites that have been made in history I think

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