You may be familiar with Fez, but chances are that you will not be. It is a minor platformer developed by Polytron Corporation, headed by Phillipe Poisson, who goes by the name of “Phil Fish.” The game received a fair amount of praise when it released last year, but remained a largely forgettable puzzle-platformer.

Nontheless, Phil Fish thought he had something relevant to say when he took to Twitter in a whining rant today that blasted the Nintendo 3DS and praised the Playstation Vita as almighty. His unbecoming language has no doubt lost him any respect he had in the industry, as well as the fact that his rant lacked any genuine criticisms.

His uncensored Twitter tirade is below. Please be warned that it contains language that some people may find inappropriate.

started playing my first monster hunter game last night. on 3DS.
it’s not exactly playable without that circle pad pro atrocity… i
don’t understand. why would you even release a game like that on a
platform like that? why is it not out on let’s say… vita? you know,
the one where you could control the camera. it’s too bad because MH
looks like it’s basically phantasy star online but not in space. and i
love me some PSO. the whole entire thing was a mistake if you ask me.

also, im so sick of this dual-screen clamshell bullshit. a 2nd screen
adds NOTHING. it’s a gimmick. 3D is a gimmick. it’s too bad the vita
isnt a bigger hit because hardware wise it’s PERFECT. it has ONE AWESOME
SCREEN, and TWO JOYSTICKS. there’s never been a single DS or 3DS that
didnt make me go “i wish this was on a single screen”. and i’ve never
played any game ever anywhere where i was like “i wish this had a 2nd
screen”. and absolutely fucking NOBODY ever went “i wish this had 2nd
screen that is smaller and a different aspect ration and touch but not
3D” the gameboy micro was the best handheld ever. i wish nintendo would
just make a slightly bigger more powerful GBAM-type thing.

Fish continues to rant on Twitter at the time of this posting, blasting and bashing anyone who has anything to say in response to him. Be sure to check out the amusing shenanigans here.

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